• Located in north central New Brunswick,
    85 km southwest of Bathurst
  • Along the southwest margin of the famous Bathurst Mining Camp; a world class base metal mining district host to 45 known volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits
  • 4,233 hectare claim group
  • Excellent access with dense network of forestry roads
  • Option to earn 75% interest


  • 1983, New Brunswick Government identified remarkably high cobalt values at Kagoot Brook from regional stream sediment sampling program
  • 1984, Brunswick Mining and Smelting’s silt sampling program returned strongly anomalous cobalt with values up to 6,000 ppm (0.60% Co) and anomalous values in Cu, Pb, Zn and Ni
  • Two continuous and extensive zones were identified in creeks 2.5km apart
  • Highly prominent and localized Cobalt anomalies relative to surrounding drainages

Kagoot Brook – 2.5km Cobalt Anomaly + EM Survey


  • Target area covered by multiple generations of airborne and ground geophysics
  • Project area underlain by felsic volcanics and sediments (quartzose wackes, siltstone and shale) exhibiting broad moderately conductive zone
  • Cobalt Anomaly coincident with High Conductivity zone internal to broader conductive zone


AeroMag Survey:

  • Refines stratigraphy underlying Project
  • Mag trend parallel to apparent trend of Cobalt anomaly
  • Indicates stratigraphic horizon probable host to cobalt mineralization
  • Refines Targeting


  • Three Line Induced Polarization (IP) Survey completed between Cobalt Anomalous Creeks
  • IP Survey further refines and characterizes targets
  • Very Low Resistivity anomalies, indicative of sulphide mineralization, coincident with Cobalt anomalies
  • Multiple Coincident Features Establish Quality of Target